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Rain ruins holidays. changes the way holidays are booked by helping you find the best weather in the world, at the best price. You can literally book your holiday based on good forecasts. 

The world's weather patterns are changing and summers are no longer always sunny. For example, in Tuscany in July 2014, there were 22 days of rain - that's 73% above the long term average. However, 10 day weather forecasting is getting better and better - meaning you can afford to "leave it late and make it great".

No more multi-site googling.

With SunHunting you can research the destination, find the most direct flights to shorten travel times, search quality hotels, get the best flight or car deals and also plan your timings around good weather. is six websites rolled into one. 

Secret Season Sun Hunting (SSSH)

There's often amazing weather in out of season places. Our SSSH filter refines where the weather is good and there's availability — meaning you get great sunshine and great deals in the places you've always wanted to travel to.



Why is Secret Season Sun Hunting (SSSH) so clever?

SSSH finds you great luxury for less.

Incredibly luxurious destinations have great weather and availability in off-season, off-peak times. We call these Secret Seasons. Our clever Secret Season filter means you can search for these incredible deals and travel to places you've always wanted to for a fraction of the price, knowing the weather forecast is good. Simply look out for the Secret Season filter tab.

Isn't it risky leaving it late to book a trip?

Isn't it more risky booking so far in advance, with no knowledge of the weather?

You could waste all your hard-earned money if the holiday is a wash-out. Instead book your time off then let the weather decide where you are going to have the best sunny holiday of your life. Leave it late and make it great.

Can I book far in advance?

Yes, simply use the CHOOSE YOUR DATES option. This website is for everyone who loves travelling and sunshine. We've rolled six websites into one so you can plan, search, research and book sunnier holidays than ever before. Our weather forecasting APIs use current and historical conditions from the last 20 years - so you can pick the sunniest weeks for your chosen destination.

How does choose good weather destinations?

For Beach and City Forecasts, the algorithm takes into account maximum and minimum temperature, the clear days as % of total days, the likelihood of rain as well as wind speed and works out where the weather is best. For historical weather statistics, it analyses the % of sunny and partly cloudy days as a % of the total as well as the % of rain.

For Mountain forecasts, in addition to the above, takes into account % of snow-fall days over the total days. For historic statistics, it looks at the % probability of snow cover over the time period you've selected.

Is a travel agent?

No we're not. We act as your agent by giving you inspiration about where and when to go so the sun is shining. Our mission is simple: To ensure SunHunters only have sunny trips and find the best value, sunny destinations.

What if I need to change or cancel a booking?

Your booking is with one of our preferred travel partners. If you want to change or cancel a booking, you need to go through them. However, should you have an issue or query, please don't hesitate to contact us on and we'll gladly do our best to help you get sorted out.

How much does it cost to use is a free service. We make money by taking a small commission on travel booked via our preferred partners - so effectively we are paid by our partners, not by you. Happy days.

How does source its weather?

Weather is supplied by Weather Underground LLC


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