It's sunny somewhere

Here's how, where and why was born in 2015

Why travel with

1. Rain ruins holidays. changes the way holidays are booked by helping you find the best weather in the world at the best price. You can literally book your holiday based on good forecasts. 

The world's weather patterns are changing and summers are no longer always sunny. For example, in Tuscany in July 2014, there were 22 days of rain - that's 73% above the long term average. However, short-term weather forecasting is getting better and better - meaning you can afford to "leave it late and make it great".

2. No more multi-site googling.

With SunHunting you can research the destination, find the most direct flights to shorten travel times, search quality hotels, get the best flight or car deals and also plan your timings around good weather. is six websites rolled into one. 

3. Secret Season Sun Hunting (SSSH.....its a secret)

There's often amazing weather in 'out-of-season' places. Our "Secret Season" filter refines where the weather is good linked with excess hotel availability — meaning you get great sunshine and great deals in the places you've always wanted to travel to.


About the Founders

Travel-loving, weather-obsessed Founders - DW and BM - were en route to the seaside town, Huatulco in Mexico via Mexico City. They loved Mexico City but were increasingly gloomy about the weather prospects in Huatulco as Tropical Storm Barbara was forecast to hit the coast exactly when they were due to go. So they hunted for places where the weather was good (which took longer than it should have), changed flights (which took longer than it should have) and negotiated a super discount (which took longer than it should have) at the Four Seasons in Punta Mita - where the weather was forecast to be sunny all week. When they arrived the hotel was gloriously empty, the sun shone and the idea occurred to them: "Why isn't there a site which inspires you to travel to destinations based on where it is sunny?" was born that day. Since then, the idea has grown into a beautiful brand that helps you escape rain and find a holiday based on great weather, direct flights and great deals. 

Photographer and Creative Director team, CrookesandJackson, have travelled to more than 80 countries in search of perfect light to create images for editorial and commercial clients. Great weather means amazing light and perfect light means incredible images. The idea of a travel site based on inspiring people to get to the right place at the right time just made total sense.They loved the idea and joined the SunHunting team to start building the brand's visual language.

And so the story of Live Weather-based Travel began. We hope you enjoy Sun Hunting as much as we do.


Why is seriously good for you

There's a reason why we all crave sunshine. Our bodies need Vitamin D to absorb calcium and promote bone growth. Too little Vitamin D results in soft bones in children (rickets) and fragile, misshapen bones in adults (osteomalacia). Vitamin D helps regulate the immune system, the neuromuscular system and plays major roles in the life cycle of human cells. It's so important that your body actually produces Vitamin D by itself, but to do this you must have skin exposure to sufficient sunlight. SunHunting is not a whimsy - it's physically good for you.